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Why Your Business Needs EnVoIP and Microsoft Teams Integration

Why Your Business Needs EnVoIP and Microsoft Teams Integration

microsoft teams integration

For those of you who aren’t using or haven’t tried Microsoft Teams, you’re missing out on a highly effective collaboration and communication solution. Microsoft Teams is a multi-platform software that allows your staff to stay organized while having discussions—all in one place.

Teams has desktop and mobile apps that allow you to text, video conference, group chat, and voice call with ease. You can move from your workplace to the road to your home without any interruption or faults.

Unified Communications Made Simple

Microsoft Teams is being used by more and more businesses for internal staff communications, video conferencing, and file sharing. EnVoIP now offers complete integration with Teams to deliver a full Unified Communications solution that can make voice calls, transfer calls from your landline to cell phone to desktop software – all within the Teams app.

You can take advantage of existing connections with calendars and contacts that you may already use in Microsoft products. It’s not necessary to search for figures in one location to make calls elsewhere. On an incoming call, EnVoIP phone integration will alert your desk phone, softphone, or mobile app while it is ringing.

Track Call History

Our system is able to keeps track of calls and maintain accurate call history even if you make or receive calls inside the Microsoft Teams environment. You can view your phone history using EnVoIP Analytics. Even if you take or make calls in the Microsoft Teams environment, our system is capable of tracking and recording calls.

Record Calls and Access Recordings

You can review and access call recordings from within the EnVoIP portal, so you’ll be prepared when important moments arise. Even as you make calls using the Teams app, EnVoIP captures all phone calls automatically.

Works Anywhere

With Teams integration, EnVoIP is embedded directly into the Microsoft Teams UI. The integration works on all web browsers and devices, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

EnVoIP with Microsoft Teams integration allows you to be productive from anywhere, whether on the road, at home, or from your office desktop. In today’s business world, Teams integration makes sure that your staff is constantly connected in all ways necessary.

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