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Fax Appliance

Configurable For up to 4 fax machines

With Envoi Networks Enterprise Unlimited Hosted Fax Services, all fax transmissions are encrypted via 256-bit AES encryption between the Customer Premise Equipment and the Datacenter. You can continue to use your standard fax machine by just plugging it into the Envoi Networks Fax Appliance, which connects to your IP network. No other special equipment is required! With this solution, nothing changes for your users; they’ll simply continue to use the fax machine as they always have.

Faxing reimagined from the ground up

Our fax technology is unique because we’ve built a system built from the ground up to address traditional T.38 limitations. Other crucial features:

  • NAT/Firewall Traversal:
    The Envoi Networks Fax Appliance does NOT need to be placed on a public IP, nor do ports need to be forwarded through the router/firewall.
  • Connectivity Requirements:
    This technology was designed specifically to address faxing in the satellite/internet market. This solution maintains 100% reliability over ANY connection, at ANY speed regardless of latency and jitter.
  • Hardware Requirements:
    To facilitate the service, the Envoi Networks Fax Appliance is required to interface with the existing fax machine. Specialized fax machines, however, are NOT required!
  • End-User Requirements:
    There is no special training required for the end-user. Simply continue to utilize the fax machine as you have in the past!
  • Setup and Configuration:
    There is no end-user set up required. Just provide power and ethernet connection and plug the fax machine to the Envoi Networks Fax Appliance. That’s it! All configuration/updates are done remotely without end-user intervention!
  • Pricing for up to 4 Machines:
    Each appliance can support up to 4 fax machines, depending on the requested configuration. The appliance cost is $174.99 with all 4 ports initialized and each additional port can support an extra fax service with an additional service fee of $34.99/month.

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