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Unified Communications

Be Connected. Everywhere.

Unified Communications isn’t the next big thing; it’s THE thing. As professionals get more connected and need more opportunities to reach out, connect and achieve, communications solutions that can’t keep up just aren’t good enough. Unified Communications pulls the ways we communicate together into one converged solution. From desktop phone to mobile device… at the office or on the road, Unified Communications solutions provide true work-from-anywhere flexibility.

What Is Unified Communications?

Telecommunications is an industry of acronyms and buzzwords. While it’s easy to sink into the jargon, the concept behind unified communications (UC) is so simple, it’s beautiful:

Unified Communications use IP (Internet Protocol) transport pathways to consolidate all of the different communication tools into a single, logical system that improves the user experience while reducing costs and management requirements.

Unified communications get all of those moving parts in sync in a format that’s easy to manage and gives you incredible flexibility.

Use a web-based portal to set up new users, establish secondary numbers for call routing, and more! Here are just some of the benefits of a unified communications solution:

  1. Your devices are always in sync so your email is available on your computer or laptop, through web-based portals, on your smartphone and other devices so that you always have what you need.
  2. If you’re not at your desk, calls into your office line can follow you to your cell phone, to another office number or to any remote location through Ring-Anywhere technology!
  3. You can set up your voicemail greeting from any phone so that you can quickly alert your customers or partners of your status.
  4. Voicemail alerts can be sent to you via SMS or email!
  5. Faxes automatically get delivered to your email inbox so you won’t be tied to the fax machine at the office!
  6. Calendar alerts, notifications and reminders will also follow you. Control your calendar by staying up to date automatically; no more missing a desktop alert and rushing to catch up!
UC by Envoi Networks is different

We believe that this technology is only truly unified if your voice, fax and data needs share the same bandwidth. That’s how businesses can optimize value and minimize cost!

If you have a broadband connection, we can deliver enterprise-level features and functionality that merges all of your communications needs into one integrated system.

All without compromising voice quality or creating competition for resources.

Envoi Networks delivers unified communications that take the incredible advantages of communications over IP to the next level—we’ve developed a state-of-the-art Cloud-based network that optimizes voice clarity by logically distributing voice and data traffic within your existing bandwidth to ensure the availability of your integrated resources.

If you checked your email on your computer, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to reference it on your smart phone or on another enabled-device. That faxed Purchase Order you’ve been waiting for? It doesn’t do you any good if a copy isn’t automatically routed to your email inbox so that you can access it even when you’re not in the office.

Quality of Service. Every time.

The Envoi Networks Quality of Service device priorities voice calls so that you experience take-for-granted clarity of sound. This device also optimizes how your resources share bandwidth!

We can help you get the most from your communications architecture and position you to have the best of tomorrow’s technology today. We’re ready to talk about your needs and show off the dozens of features you’ll get automatically when you join us.

We are your trusted UC partner. We are Envoi Networks.

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