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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams integration

EnVoIP and Microsoft Teams Are the Perfect Pair

Like Fred & Ginger, peanut butter & jelly, or mac & cheese — some pairs just work seamlessly together.  Now you can add EnVoIP & MS Teams to that list of duos that were made for each other. 

Be Productive ANYWHERE. On the road, at home, or from your office desktop. EnVoIP with MS Teams integration makes sure your employees are always connected in every way needed in today’s business world. 


For those of you who are not currently using or have not tried Microsoft Teams, let us give you a brief overview to get you up to speed on this widely used, and highly useful collaboration and communications tool.  Microsoft Teams is a multi-platform app that helps your employees stay organized and have
conversations—all in one place. 

Teams has desktop and mobile apps that allow for seamless texting, video conferencing, group chats and voice calls. Switch from your office to the road to home without drops or interuptions. 

Where once you needed multiple apps, hardware and an advanced degree to integrate all of these tools, you can now do all of this easily from one place with Microsoft Teams.


More and more businesses every day are using Microsoft Teams for internal employee communications, video conferencing and file sharing. Now EnVoIP offers full integration with Teams to provide a true Unified Communications solution that can provide voice calling, easy transfer of calls from your landline to cell phone to desktop soft app — all within the Teams app. 

Take advantage of integration with calendars and contacts that you already have and use as part of your Microsoft software. No need to look-up numbers in one place to make calls elsewhere. EnVoIP plus Teams equals fast and easy communications, translating into improved productivity. EnVoIP phone integration will ring your desk phone, softphone, or mobile app on an incoming call.

Whether you utilize Click to Call or use your call history to place outbound calls — or take an inbound call directly or from a call center — EnVoIP with Microsoft Teams integration will provide the same functionality you would expect on any call. 

Do more with ENVOIP + Microsoft Teams

Track Call History
View your call history with our EnVoIP Analytics. Our system is able to tracks calls and maintain accurate call history even if you take or make calls inside the Microsoft Teams environment.

Record Calls and Access Recordings
Record calls and access call recordings from within the EnVoIP portal. After Call Recording has been enabled, EnVoIP intelligently captures all phone calls even as you make them through the Teams app.

Works Anywhere
With Teams integration, EnVoIP is embedded directly into the Microsoft Teams UI. The integration works seamlessly on all browsers and devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

* Microsoft Teams integration requires a Microsoft Office 365 license along with proper “phone system” license from Microsoft.

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