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Hosted VoIP / Unified Communications

Quality, Capability AND Value

We like to disrupt the market with our offerings and instead of nickel and dime-ing our customers and charging for each feature, we offer ALL of our Standard & Premium features included in our competitive pricing plan. The Envoi VoIP Extension Package also includes a Free Polycom VVX 401 / 411, an IP 5000 / 6000 Conference Room phone, and softphone apps for easy desktop and mobile use so you can work from anywhere.  There are many low-end Hosted VoIP providers that are good for SoHo & Residential customers, but when you need an enterprise business quality service that is reliable and scalable, Envoi Networks stands alone as your reliable partner.

Business Phone Service by ENVOI

We’ve been working very hard on our new enterprise PBX and VoIP platform, and we’re glad to announce the arrival of the new EnVoip platform. We have also started offering an end-to-end managed solution that extends our service level agreement (or SLA) all the way to our premises of the customer, and we provide solutions that will guarantee our quality of service (or QoS) and uptime guarantee up to 99.99%. In order to find you the lowest priced internet connectivity, we can also work with you to see everything available with added redundancies like disaster recovery solutions and business continuity plans. So you quit worrying about service interruptions or downtime.

feature rich ENVOIP Unlimited plans

With our newly deployed platform and Unlimited Plans, we are including all of our Standard & Premium Features at NO ADDITIONAL COST which include:

  • FREE Unlimited Calling: This includes calls to the US Lower 48 States, Puerto Rico and most of Canada (Please see our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy for all details).
  • FREE NoBusy™ Phone Lines & DID/Tel Number: This option allows you to have as many telephone lines as you have users along with extra lines to use with your Free Conference Bridge and Call Center/Call Queue features. Each extension also gets a free Local DID/Phone Number.
  • FREE Individual Outbound E-Fax Service: Each individual will be able to send E-Faxes to anywhere US and Canada from their Control Panel with email confirmation.
  • FREE RingAnywhere™ Feature: You no longer have to be in the office to answer your phones. With RingAnywhere, incoming calls can be answered on your desk phone, softphone, your cell or landline phones. Once you answer form one device, the others will stop ringing.
  • FREE SoftPhones and Windows, iOS & Android Clients: Download free SoftPhones on your PC, Mobile or Tablets. Each user can have a desk phone and access to a SoftPhone at no extra charge.
  • FREE Operator/User Control Panel: You will have access to our EnVoip Control Panel that will allow you to see all of your extensions so you can determine who is on the phone, allows you to transfer calls by dragging and dropping extensions, dial outside numbers, listen to messages and many other features.
  • FREE Click-to-Dial: Click-to-Dial extension for the Google Chrome web browser. This extension detects telephone numbers on any web page and turns them into clickable links.
  • FREE Video & Conference Bridging: Each user can have their own conference bridge with no per-minute charge and many advanced features such as the system calling attendees to patch them in.
  • FREE Call Recording: Enterprise call recording services. Calls to Extension or Hunt Groups can be recorded. Call Recordings can be accessed from EnVoip Portal and recorded call files can be emailed or downloaded for permanent storage.
  • FREE Call Center ACD/Call Queues & IVR: Allows you to setup and manage Call Queues and Agents and the system will automatically place calls on hold in a queue, enabling operators/agents to handle multiple incoming calls. You also get IVR’s or Auto Attendants at no extra charges.
  • FREE Call Analytics: You will be able to look at call history and download them in order to do in depth analysis of all calls. EnVoip also show Top Lists such as Called Numbers by Number of Calls, Duration, Cost, and Outbound Groups and the same is available for your Call Center reports.

  • FREE International Calling to 50 International Destinations: Aside from receiving very low International calling rates, you can make free calls to over 50 countries, which includes most landlines and some cellular services. Countries include United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, Mexico, India, Brazil, Taiwan, and many others. Please refer to Envoi Networks’ Int’l rate deck for full details and to determine the Country and City codes of included routes.

  • FREE White-Glove Support & Upgrades: Your organization will receive continued free premium on-shore support and trained staff will assist you by phone or our ticketing system. You will also have access to our portal to make any necessary changes on your own. Your organization will automatically receive our software updates.

  • Enterprise Unlimited Faxing with Fax Appliance: If you are a high-volume fax user and need a reliable service and like to use your fax machine to send and receive faxes or need a secure 256-bit AES Encryption and HIPPA compliant fax service with a secure portal, we have the right service for you.

  • Text Messaging: Our EnTextTM Enterprise Texting Solution is the reliable method to allow you to receive texts to your regular office telephone numbers and allows you to also send texts to your customers & business partners.

  • Call Quality & Up-time Guarantee with Managed Service Availability: Envoi Networks offers a 99.999% up-time guarantee for its Hosted Voice Services from its data center. We also offer managed services where we provide the circuit, CPE (Router, PoE Managed Switch & Phones) and we will guarantee your call QoS (Quality of Service)

  • UK & European Local Service Availability: We offer local VoIP telephone service in the UK and most European countries for companies that have a global footprint and need a unified solution and extension dialing between ALL offices with local service.

Additionally, our new portal provides even more flexibility and added features, such as RingAnywhere, Hot Desking, and Boomerang Calling just to mention a few. In regards to our services, we offer an End-to-End managed solution that extends our Service Level Agreement (SLA) all the way to the customer premise. This solution includes products and services that will guaranty quality of service and an up-time guaranty of up to 99.999%.

So what are you waiting for? Please complete the form on this page or contact our sales department directly so we can get started: 888-978-9464

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