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Harness the cloud with Envoi Networks

Envoi Networks delivers seamless voice and collaboration services with the features and clarity you need—and reliability you can take for granted. Our unified communications system includes converged VoIP communications, VoIP Hosted PBX, SIP trunking, fax-to-email services and toll-free numbers—an enterprise-class communications response without the responsibility

hear the difference for yourself

We don’t just provide hosted voice & telephony services; we also provide email, fax, and collaboration solutions so that you can deploy a fully integrated communications package. Give every employee access to tools that can help them be more productive, in the office, remote, or at a satellite office. Our solutions were designed to scale because we know what businesses need most: Access. 

We have experienced IT and Communications professionals based in the DC metro area and we support businesses around the country. You’ll discover that we’re transforming the VoIP experience because we want to be your trusted communications partner and make a difference in your business.

Our network was built with you in mind

We own our own IPs which means we can connect with multiple carriers—providing better service that is agile enough to respond to day-to-day (and second-to-second) conditions.

The servers and technologies supporting our cloud-based services reside in the nation’s premier Tier 3+ datacenter: Equinix – Washington DC data center in Ashburn, VA to ensure you have the highest levels of uptime reliability (99.999%), physical security, power availability and infrastructure flexibility. Our servers and network are n+1 redundant. Our server architecture is based on a cluster design, which increases the redundancy of our network. Further, all servers have built-in redundancies as well as a hot spare standby.

We are highly adaptable because we operate on open source solutions so that you can have the phones and headsets you want, eliminating the expense of proprietary equipment and maintenance contracts.

Cutting edge technology – premium services

Cloud-based solutions offer unparalleled flexibility and reliability. The data behind the Cloud apparatus, however, still have to live somewhere. Most hosting companies install servers in a data center-but any room with computers can be called a data center! How can you be sure that your data is secure, that your system is redundant, and that the integrity of your hosted VoIP/PBX solution is certain?

The Equinix Data Center Advantage

Envoi Networks has developed a Cloud you can trust because our technologies and infrastructure are safely and securely located in one of the world’s preeminent data centers, the Equinix Data Center facility.  We made this decision because when it comes to the quality, reliability, and integrity of your converged communication solution, you have one make-or-break requirement: it has to work. That’s why we’ve invested in excellence.

The Equinix Data Center Facility allows us to offer you the foremost destination for your mission-critical operations and the highest levels of physical security and operational reliability. This campus is designed with:

  • Built-in redundant power and HVAC systems
  • Full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems with up to N + 1 level or greater
  • Backup generator systems in the event of a local utility failure
  • The highest level of physical security, power availability, and infrastructure flexibility in the industry—it’s one of the few centers that can boast five 9’s (99.999%) of up-time reliability

The Equinix Data Center Facility is a dynamic ecosystem where 300 major networks and enterprises interconnect. An incredible 90% of the world’s internet traffic flows through its data centers.

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