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Features & Apps


Use our mobile app to extend your EnVoip phone services to your iPhone and Android Devices. Use this App with your EnVoip phone services provided by Envoi Networks.


Features Include: 

Multiple Line Calling

  • Use up to three separate accounts and business phone numbers
  • Switch lines on the fly, option to set up iPhone call
  • Dial 3 and 4 digit extensions within your company
  • Visible status indicators that your accounts are valid

Caller ID & Privacy

  • Make business calls with your iPhone without giving away your iPhone number
  • The person you call sees the caller ID of your business account number, not your iPhone ID

Separate Business and Personal Contacts

  • Separate contact list (add from your iPhone Contacts)
  • Separate recent calls (keep your business calls separate)

Desk Dialer capability

  • Use EnVoip Mobile Extension to set up calls from your desk phone

Voice and Fax messages

  • Visual display – touch to download
  • Forward voice mails and EnVoip faxes by E-Mail
  • Keeps downloaded messages on the iPhone – no wasted bandwidth after first download
  • Delete messages on phone and server

Business Call Records

  • Your EnVoip-compatible carrier collects call detail records in addition to your normal iPhone records

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have an account with Envoi Networks to use this app. Check with Envoi Networks first before downloading this app.

Links to App downloads

Click on the links provided to visit the pages to download our free mobile EnVoIP apps: 


The EnVoIP platform supports integration with a variety of third party soft clients.

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