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Door Intercom & Paging

Professional Grade intercom solutions

Your employees and customers expect and deserve to feel safe and secure. By protecting your staff and assets, you can maximize productivity. Envoi offers a variety of door intercom security options along with access control solutions for business environments and multi-tenant properties. Envoi’s video intercoms serve as an efficient security measure to reduce the risk of random violence and theft. At Envoi, we are pleased to offer the widest variety of door intercom and paging technologies.

The latest technology for the highest security

Welcome any visitors to your building in style and save the cost of a reception service. Take advantage of the newest and most advanced features available in today’s door intercoms. Not only do you get easy, clear communication, but when taking advantage of an integrated camera you can also reinforce your entrance access security.

As security is most imperative these days, we can install Mag-Locks & Door Strikes with Door Intercoms so you can screen visitors before giving access. We can also tie your intercom to your phone system so that a visitor can call your phone extensions or even your cell phones, so you can speak with them and open the door by dialing a code on your phone. Envoi can also install Panic Buttons for you throughout the office and if the button is pressed, a set of phones can ring and deliver a special emergency message. We also provide installation services for overhead paging with one or multiple speakers so the message can be played on the speakers. You can also stream music or special timed messages on these speakers. Overhead announcements can also be made using your phone handset, either to the whole building or to special zones.

Envoi offers a wide variety of intercoms with innovative features allowing features such as two-way communication with visitors. These products can automatically adjust the sensitivity of the microphone and speaker volume, so you hear HD quality audio even in noisy surroundings. And when utilizing a video based system that includes an integrated high-definition camera with night vision — you’ll be 100% certain just who it is that you’re allowing inside your building or office.

For greater security, our Envoi offers intercoms that will even send photos of visitor faces directly to your e-mail! 

Depending on your needs and budget, Envoi can help you find and install the perfect door intercom and paging system. 

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