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Panic Buttons

Help is just one push button away

In any situation, help is just the press of a button away with our wireless panic button alarm systems. At Envoi Networks, your security is always a top priority and that is why we offer a variety of solutions that match your needs and budget. Our customized panic alarm systems have been utilized in schools, businesses other commercial settings.

Whether you are looking for a more dependable security system or are looking to provide your staff with the latest in security innovation, you’ll find it with Envoi.

Coverage That Suits Your needs

Our panic button systems are limitless in their area of coverage for your facility. Whether you have a large facility or a small office, we provide complete coverage with our indoor and outdoor repeaters that extend the range for your panic alarm systems. The more repeaters you have, the better coverage you can expect from your panic alarm systems.

The experts at Envoi suggest placing repeaters with adequate spacing to ensure that no transmitters, stations or pendants are further than 80 feet from the nearest repeater. Having these protocols in place will strengthen the signal of your system and provide secure coverage to your entire facility.

Security where you need it, how you need it

Our panic button alarm systems can serve as all-in-one security systems. Envoi offers several different panic alarm systems that correspond to the size of your facility. All systems offered operate on speed and efficiency, giving you the confidence that your panic alarm system is keeping you and your staff safe.

These panic alarm systems provide a quick way to alert personnel of an emergency. An alarm push button station can be installed anywhere in your facility while providing a secure connection with security or emergency personnel. Simply press the button and your alarm push button station will take care of the rest.

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