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Unlimited Hosted Fax

the reliable Fax over IP service solution!

While internet fax solutions have become extremely popular over the past few years, they DO NOT address several fundamental flaws. They are NOT secure. Emailing sensitive documents to an internet fax provider traverses the public internet, increasing the likelihood of interception. Digital signatures are cumbersome and impractical. User training becomes extremely complex in larger organizations.

Our Enterprise Fax Service Changes everything!

  • UNLIMITED Faxing within US and Canada* — say goodbye to per page fax costs!!!
  • No Special Fax Machines Required, Utilize Your Existing Infrastructure!
  • No POTS lines necessary.
  • 100% reliable Fax-over-IP Solution!
  • Fax Traffic 100% Encrypted!

EnFax Enterprise Solution Overview

With our EnFax Service, all fax transmission is encrypted via 256-bit AES encryption between the Customer Premise Equipment and the Datacenter. You can continue to use your standard fax machine by just plugging it into the EnFax Appliance, which connects to your IP network. No other special equipment is required.

With this solution, nothing changes for the user; simply continue to use your fax machine as you always have. Other than your faxes printing on your fax machine, EnFax offers a full archival of all inbound and outbound faxes, available on your personal web portal. Through this intuitive web-based interface, you can view and manage all inbound and outbound faxes.

The EnFax portal also allows you to perform the following actions to your faxes: Download it, Fax it to a new number or forward it to a new Email address. Inbound faxes can also be configured to automatically forward to a single or multiple e-mail address.

Once you subscribe to our service and/or purchase our on-premise fax appliance, for alow monthly rate you get unlimited inbound and outbound faxing – with no long distance feeswithin continental US & Canada. With our service, there is no configuration required, no port-forwarding, no public IP’s; it is truly plug and play.

*Unlimited plans subject to Envoi Networks’ Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.

Features, Functions & Pricing

  • For terrestrial internet connections, each fax line runs $34.99/month which includes unlimited* inbound/outbound faxing with no long distance fees within the continental US & Canada. 
  • Each appliance can support up to 4 fax machines, depending on the requested configuration. The appliance cost is $174.99 with all 4 ports initialized and each additional port can support an extra fax service with an additional service fee of $34.99/month. Click here for more information about our EnFax Appliance
  • Each fax machine is assigned either a local or toll-free number and we can also port numbers if required (porting fees apply).
  • You can assign more than one incoming DID/Number to each service and you and your customers will not get a busy signal as faxes are cued and delivered in the order sent or received (additional DID costs apply).
  • For satellite internet connections, each fax line costs $49.99/month which includes unlimited inbound/outbound faxing with no long distance fees within the continental US. 

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