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Voice Productions

Voiceover SOLUTIONS made easy

Every time you receive a call at your organization, it is critical to convey a professional image. With your auto-attendant, you also have a wonderful opportunity to let callers know more about what you do and the services you provide. Make the right impression during this captured time with your customers. Envoi’s Voiceover Solutions provide a professional voice artist to record your greetings and on-hold messages. Add royalty free music to your message for added impact.

The right voice and the right message

Envoi Networks can assist you with this process and will offer you a pool of professional voices and an array of music, so you can create a professional image from the moment they call you, and they can hear customized advertisements about your products and services while they are placed “on hold”. This is a powerful medium of internal marketing that you can take advantage of. Based on research, callers will remain on hold 40% longer if they have something to listen to and this will greatly reduce caller abandonment. More importantly, 17-24% of the callers will inquire about what they have learn about while “on hold”. You have a captive audience that you can use the time to educate and advertise to about your products and services.

Let us make this process easy for you. We will work with you every step of the way and will help you with the scriptwriting to create a story board, and will provide you with the royalty free music and voice talent and will help you develop the plan for your production, to your satisfaction. You will also have the opportunity to update your script and on hold messages as often as you like with minimal charges, as you only change the portion you need. Once complete, we will upload the files on your system for your customers to enjoy. Most importantly, we do not charge monthly like many other services or obligate you to a contract, you pay once and it is yours to keep and use as long as you like.

Common Uses for Voice Productions

  • Voice Prompts 
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Voicemail Greetings
  • On-Hold Messages
  • Outbound Messages
  • Announcement Messages
  • Phone Greetings
  • Marketing Messages
  • Telephone Surveys and Promotions



Frequently asked questions

With Envoi’s voice productions, we have multiple male and female voices to select from for your specific project. You also have the option to use multiple voices during one production.

For any voice production, we strongly encourage using the same song throughout your message, and certainly not using any more than two songs at the most.

There are thousands of pieces available through the public domain for you to choose from for your voice production, covering all styles and tastes. We do recommend keeping to one style throughout your production, but it is up to you. Remember, the goal is to inform and keep the caller engaged, not become a distraction. 

All of the music available for productions is licensed, so we have access to use any piece of music that is in the “public domain.” This provides you access to popular music of every genre. We do suggest using non-lyrical versions of song so that you get the most impact from your vocal talent’s read of your script.

We recommend having updates for your greeting at least once a year, depending on your business. Having greetings specifically tailored to seasonal promotions and holidays are always a good way to sound current and up-to-date.

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