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How to Fix 3 Common VoIP Issues

How to Fix 3 Common VoIP Issues

Using an Integrated Communications Strategy that often contains VoIP offers various benefits to organizations, such as cheaper long-distance and international calling rates, improved customer relations, and better performance in the workplace.

VoIP has many advantages, but it can cause problems if not used correctly. Here are some issues you may come across.

Routers and Switches

A malfunctioning VoIP system could be The issue might lie with your router or switch. To rule this out, ensure correct configuration to support VoIP on both devices as well as updated Firmware versions. Another potential culprit for poor VoIP quality is an improperly configured switch port not allowing VLANs.

Outdated routers can often cause compatibility problems and poor performance. To see if this is the case for you, try resetting your router. It might not work, but it’s worth a try.


To ensure optimal VoIP performance, make sure you have enough bandwidth. Network congestion can cause problems, soTry to avoid it if possible. If the problem only happens sometimes, see which application or service requires a lot of bandwidth during those times.

Include bandwidth monitoring as a standard network management task to identify and resolve connectivity issues quickly. Sometimes, though, a network issue originates from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or another external factor beyond your control.

Desktop Problems

One of the most common VoIP issues is an echo. It happens when you have your handset volume turned up too high and the microphone picks up the sound coming from the earpiece, and then plays it back.

The most prevalent solution is to lower the sound on both ends. Nevertheless, this does not always fix the issue, and thus another option is to use a headset. Although headsets have their own disadvantages like ergonomics since they can be worn for extended periods of time.

Another possibility is that the problem lies in user training—or lack thereof. “It’s just a phone” has been used as a reason to skimp on training budget, but VoIP systems are complex and comprehensive solutions. Therefore, proper education is key to taking advantage of all benefits.

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