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Why Your Company Should Be Using LinkedIn

Why Your Company Should Be Using LinkedIn

Why Your Company Should Be Using LinkedIn

Social media platforms can offer a lot to businesses that are trying to get their name out to the world. While many of us automatically think on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, there is one platform that companies aren’t using enough — LinkedIn. Here’s why your business should start using it.

Brand awareness

With LinkedIn, you always have the option to update your company’s profile, so it will show current information about what your business is doing. LinkedIn is a more professional way for companies to showcase their brand to people. It’s also a great place for a brief introduction of what your company stands for before any client meetings.

Search engine optimization

When you have a LinkedIn profile, you’ll be ranked higher on the Google results page when anyone searches for your company. SEO and a high ranking are crucial for businesses today. Creating a LinkedIn company profile can help.

Networking opportunities

LinkedIn is also the perfect place to network with potential clients and customers, and help you give and receive introductions to people in the industry. With connections of varying degrees, it’s simple to research companies in order to build relationships and help your business grow.

Finding new employees

If you’re trying to grow your business, you’ll ultimately need more employees. LinkedIn is also a great source when looking for new people to onboard in your company. You can see if you have a relationship with a candidate, send a direct message, and see who is looking at your profile page.  LinkedIn also makes it easy to recruit new people by allowing you to post your job to LinkedIn and the Job Search app.

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