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12 Best Practices to Keep Your VoIP System Secure

12 Best Practices to Keep Your VoIP System Secure

12 Best Practices to Keep Your VoIP System Secure

VoIP security is crucial to protect your wallet, reputation, and keep your communication safe from malicious actors. Here are 12 best practices to keep your VoIP secure:

  1. Secure User Credentials with a Strong Password and Two-Factor Authentication — The default passwords provided by the manufacturer are easily found and usually not strong, which makes it important to implement a strong credential management policy. Two-factor authentication should be mandatory for all users.
  2. Perform Regular Call Log Reviews — Regular reviews of VoIP traffic in call logs help detect unusual activity such as abnormal call durations, destinations, and the time outgoing calls are being initiated.
  3. Disable International Calling or Enable Geo-Fencing — Geo-fencing is used to prevent connections from countries where high numbers of potential hacks originate. IP blacklists can also be used to block connections to known malicious IP addresses.
  4. Utilize SaaS for VoIP Calls — Outsourcing PBX and VoIP services to a SaaS provider like Telzio can provide a robust feature set, user-friendly UI, and full support.
  5. Stay Up to Date on Security Patches — It’s important to regularly update the firmware on your VoIP phones.
  6. Use a Router with a Firewall — Connecting IP phones directly to the internet without using a router or firewall is dangerous as anyone with an internet connection can access the phone’s web interface. If a router has a firewall, it should be enabled.
  7. Limit Physical Access to Networking Equipment — Networking equipment should be stored in a secure room or cabinet and accessible only to the IT team.
  8. Restrict User Access to Parts of the Phone System — Granting only necessary access to users helps prevent unauthorized changes to the system.
  9. Ensure Data Encryption through Your VoIP Provider — Data encryption is crucial to prevent unauthorized access to your data.
  10. Educate Users on VoIP Security Best Practices — Educating users on security best practices helps prevent accidental security breaches.
  11. Prevent Ghost Calls on IP Phones — Ghost calls are a common issue in IP phones and can be prevented by implementing intrusion prevention systems.
  12. Implement Intrusion Prevention Systems — Intrusion prevention systems help detect and prevent unauthorized access to your system.

By following these best practices, you can ensure the security of your VoIP system and prevent unauthorized access to your data. At Envoi, we offer superior levels of expertise to organizations in the field of communications and other tactical services. Contact us today and learn more about what we offer.

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