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How to Pick A VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses?

How to Pick A VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses?

How to Pick A VoIP Phone System for Small Businesses?

Cloud VoIP is a key element in any business communications plan, providing both financial advantages as well as elevating corporate operations and appearance. The selection of the ideal VoIP phone type for every user must be carefully made amidst an array of mobile and desktop options.

Before you dive into any Cloud VoIP implementation, it’s essential to consider the types of handsets necessary for your business, as well as if adequate infrastructure is available at each installation point. The two main handset choices are soft phones on smart devices or physical units that connect to a wired or WiFi network. Ultimately, the best option depends on what will provide optimal service and scalability for your specific needs.

Networking and Power

For VoIP handsets to make and receive both internal and external calls, they must be connected to the digital business network. To do this, a Cat5e Ethernet cable or better is needed for cabling connection. Plus, with the recent introduction of WiFi compatible adapters and handsets in the market today, you can now set up your own wireless environment too!

For those with a smaller business, VoIP can be hosted in the company’s own infrastructure or as an external Cloud VoIP provider. If your requirements are even more modest, then you could utilize a PC connected to the network and running some simulated PBX software.

Handset Selection 

Handsets vary greatly in design and aesthetics. From the traditional physical device attached to a desk or wall, to SIP technology allowing your smartphone application to simulate a telephone – there are countless options for you choose from!

From a fairly simple keyboard to an advanced, programmable model with integrated video-conferencing displays and audio without manual operation—the selection of physical handsets depends entirely on the user’s individual needs as well as their professional requirements. Making such an informed decision should be done during pre-installation planning.

Mobile Users

Professionals such as managers and executives often require consistent communication; this could pose a difficulty in a large space, like an educational institution or factory. Fortunately, VoIP systems equipped with the SIP protocol make staying connected much simpler.

Smart phones can access the VoIP phone system through an app that mimics a desktop handset and communicates with the system using SIP protocols. This means that once connected to your business network, in most cases via WiFi, employees are able to use their smart device exactly as if it were their office telephone.

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