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Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Unified Communications

In today’s spread out working climate, team communication is essential for businesses to run smoothly and meet the bottom line.

Now that many companies are opting to work remotely, staff are no longer tied to a desk phone line. Instead more and more people are working on-the-go and are creating opportunities across the country and the world. Without the right technology and communication services, daily business and new ventures might be hindered. 

Unified Communications (UC, or also commonly referred to as UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service) brings together video and voice calls, messaging, file sharing, and more.

With so many digital platforms to choose from, it can get confusing and costly if you aren’t careful. Unified Communications keeps it simple, making sure employees and clients can collaborate seamlessly. 

UC platforms allow staff to get in touch with each other almost instantly where they can collaborate on projects quickly. Since many platforms also offer smart phone apps, meetings and discussions can happen anywhere and anytime. 

Unified Communications is a cost-effective option and can save companies a substantial amount money. Using the Internet to make calls to someone in another country is a fraction of the price, if not completely free.

Performance & Retention
Unified Communications allows businesses more flexibility and in turn, helps to make your staff’s lives a little easier. Quick communication and streamlined file sharing for projects aren’t just beneficial for productivity, they also help to reduce the turnover rate.

If you’re interested in better communication tools, reach out to the experienced consultants at Envoi to assist you and we can show you the best options for your company.

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