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How Unified Communications Improves Customer Service

How Unified Communications Improves Customer Service

How Unified Communications Improves Customer Service

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While there are many call centers and service departments that have switched to VoIP, integrating other unified communications can also improve the experience. Unified communication offers a high level of customer service and tools like instant messaging, email, and phone, employees can communicate and solve issues faster. Here are four ways UC can benefit you:

Answer questions quickly

With unified communications, clients can choose their preferred method of communication, so requests are processed much faster. Collaboration between customer service representatives and experts becomes faster and more efficient too!

Help customers find the correct product

Unified communications helps to break through different barriers of communication by connecting prospects with key in-house experts. These experts can then guide prospects to the right products and suggest other complementary products and services available.

Leverage remote agents

With the ability to work remotely, many companies are offering more flexibility to their employees. Unified communication uses ‘presence information,’ which notifies representatives about the availability status of another worker. This is important so that no one wastes time trying to contact someone who isn’t available.

Improved audio quality

Poor audio quality can leave problems unsolved and questions unanswered. Unified communication wideband sound helps phone calls run smoother, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the chance to sell.

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